Get ready before you enter the ride room –  have your bottle of water at hand and put on the cycling shoes provided upon check-in. Switch up your dumbbells if you require heavier ones for that added challenge. Grab them from the front of the ride room and place them onto the dumbbell holders of your bike. Adjust your bike to get a good bike fit. First time? Don’t fret, our friendly crew will be around to assist you. Clip your shoes onto the paddles and ensure that the emergency knob is functioning. After class, return your shoes and towel at the designated areas. Always thank your body for completing a great workout.


Safekeep your belongings in our lockers. They are fitted with number locks with instructions posted inside the locker door. Your belongings are safe with us while you focus on your ride.


We have made sure that you can really pamper yourself in our changing rooms. Luxurious fresh towels and toiletries await you – shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. The changing rooms are also equipped with hair dryers. Feel free to use the hand sanitizers available at our reception area before and after every class.